About Chaos & Logic

Chaos and Logic is a project that, in a way, has been a long time coming.  It all started with an idea and a character that Ashley has had in his head for over a decade.  After all this time, Ashley was finally ready to let the character live a bit.  Even though Ashley was investing his time in many other projects, he decided to jump in and take this story by the horns.  Much like Dr. Frankenstein, it was time to take these bits and pieces and bring them to life!
While Ashley was trying to make all of this happen, he got back in touch with an old friend (Nathan) and began telling him about his projects.  Nathan offered ideas and suggestions that took some of the chaotic ideas that Ashley had and presented them in a more logical way.  Thus, in a way, Chaos and Logic was born.
The first project that they have undertaken is telling the story of Quinton Harrison, the Man from Earth!  It is on this site that you will meet the intergalactic investigator and join him on his missions.

Chaos and Logic is created by Ashley and Nathan, and is part of New Monster Project.  

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